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Elements of Aliel Founder


The Elements of Aliel Story


Our Founder, Lakeisha Entsuah

LaKeisha, now a mom of 3, is a native of Philadelphia. She has always had a deep love of science and making things from scratch. She often attributes her approach to product formulation like that of a baker. It’s about using the best ingredients, in the right proportions to make something truly great. 

Our Products

All of our product are personally formulated by our founder. Her approach is built on 4 pillars. 

  1. No water = No Preservatives: While preservatives are not inherently bad, some can be very irritating to the skin. Since we value safety as much as we value being chemical free, we formulate with ingredients that do not require the addition of preservatives. 
  2. Less is More: Each product is made with 7 ingredients or less.  The idea is that if the fewer ingredients, the easier it is to determine what is working and what’s not. 
  3. Nutrient Density: Just like a well balanced diet, we choose ingredients that are nutrient dense to nourish the skin from the outside.
  4. Connection to our roots: We source as many of our ingredients as possible from the continent of Africa and the African diaspora. This serves as a tribute to our founders Ghanaian family.

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder LaKeisha’s first pregnancy. When a struggle with secondary infertility prompted a complete lifestyle change; she discovered finding a suitable skincare routine was easier said than done.  In addition to wanting products that were natural, they also needed to fit into the lifestyle of a new mom and not further irritate her already sensitive skin. 

 Having always been a skincare minimalist, she found the options for plant based skincare either too complicated or incompatible with her skin sensitivities. Being an avid DIY’er and armed with over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing she began mixing options in her kitchen.

After successfully creating a cleanser, made with a base of west African black soap, LaKeisha decided to build out a complete collection for people like her. Women who value simplicity and ingredients quality as much as they value efficacy. 

Today Elements of Aliel is a collection of products that are gentle, yet effective and made with nature and love. We focus on ingredient quality to bring you plant powered goodness that rivals anything you can find on the market today.