About Us

The Need

Like many brands, Elements of Aliel was born out of a need. For me the need arose when I became a mother. It was a great time in my life, it changed everything including my skin. It had always been sensitive yet now, the things that used to work were no longer effective.

As I searched for a solution I had two main criteria, first it had to be completely chemical free. The combination of sensitive skin and new motherhood meant anything with harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients were a definite no. The second criteria was it had to be affordable, after all babies are expensive. After months of trying brand after brand, I decided the best thing to do would be start from scratch.

Once I had a formula that worked for me it didn’t take long for family and friends to notice. That’s when I decided to take my personal journey public. Today I am proud to have created something that can work for everyone.

The Inspiration

Since it was the birth of my daughter that inspired me to begin to create she was also the inspiration for the name and the mission of this company. Aliel is Leila spelled backwards and it is the elements of who she is and who I hope she will become, that forms the foundation of who we are as a brand.

I want her to be healthy, and to that end I wanted to create a brand that put health above everything else. Health is beauty and beauty without health is fleeting.

I want her to be proud of who she is. Not just as a woman, or an African American but also of her Ghanaian heritage. My (wonderful and supportive) husband comes from a proud Ghanaian family. The culture is a part of our life and this business (more on that later).

I want her to have a giving spirit. It is not enough to be successful in this world, you must also have purpose. I want her to be generous with both her time and her resources.

The Culture

In celebration of the Ghanaian culture, many of our key ingredients are native to Ghana including the base for our cleansers, African Black Soap. We also use Shea and palm nut oils, cocoa and coffee. However, our foundation in the culture goes beyond ingredients. It extends to how we operate and our greater mission.  We are a family owned and operated business, and we believe in community as a part of the larger family.

Our mission is to help our extended family (the community) see the importance of the connection between your skin and your overall health. We want to help them simplify their beauty routine and improve their overall wellness.

The Mission

While our primary mission is healthy, beautiful skin; our larger mission is improving the lives of others. This work is not just for us but for the future generations of beauty lovers everywhere.

Need, Inspiration, Culture and Mission; these are the Elements of Aliel!