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Who We Are

Gather & Glow™ By. Elements of Aliel is a way to help women of all ages hit pause on their busy lives and practice a little self care in the form of a facial.

Our business model is not to sell women products but to provide them with a sensory experience that caters to our need to connect and feel loved.

The products we use are part of the Elements of Aliel skincare line that has been focused on providing safe, non-toxic, plant based skin and body care products since 2013. Gather & Glow™ continues that mission by sharing the benefits of clean, green beauty in a relaxing environment.  

We are not a multi-level marketing company. Each team member is an independent contractor who works directly with our company.  There is no recruiting required and your success is not dependant on the size team you can build. 

What Is A Glow Agent?

At its core Gather & Glow ™ is about helping women maintain their glow. As a Glow Agent your job is to facilitate that process by helping to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Glow Agents take the hassle out of hosting a facial party. 

As a member of our team you will be building your own service based business in your spare time. 

What We Offer

When you become a Glow Agent ™ with Gather & Glow™ there are no complicated compensation plans. You are joining our global team and will have the opportunity to earn money three ways.

Facilitating Facial Parties: Each time you book a facial party you will earn 40% commission on all party fees. With the average party requiring 2.5 hours of your time and the minimum party fee of $150 you will make a minimum of $24 per hour.

Facial Party Product Sales: While the main purpose of Gather & &low is to facilitate facial parties we know that most guests want to take home at least one product that they have tried. As a Glow Agent ™ you will earn 30% commission on all product sales.

Online Sales: In these days of modern technology we know that your community often extends far beyond your geographical location. That is why we offer your community to shop through you, directly on the Elements of Aliel website. From a link on your Glow Agent ™ profile page or social profiles, your community can shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you earn a 20% commission on all purchases made.

Joining our global team also means that you have access to internal resources that are designed to help you start on the path to success.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Gather & Glow allows you to earn income by facilitating facial parties for your community. The party host and/or guest purchase their facial kits and you earn 40% commission on each one sold. 

Individual product sales are optional and are not required for you to earn your commission. 

Gather & Glow makes earning both easy and fun.n To get started you must purchase your Gathering Box for $79 which included everything you need to hit the ground running. 

To maximize your earning potential will require a minimum investment of 5-10 hours per week. The average party requires just 2 hours of your time (plus travel). Additionally you will need to spend time securing party host and setting up party details. 

Like anything else, them more time you put in the more income you generate; but you have complete control over your schedule. 

We are not an MLM. All of our consultants are independent agents that focus just on helping people enjoy a fun and relaxing facial among friends. Consultants do not make money off bringing in other consultants and only make money off the parties they book and the products they sell to their community.

We focus on selling – not recruiting. And, because of that, our consultants have a pretty impressive profit margin of up to 40% since we’re not paying out leader bonuses and overrides to those at the top!

The Gathering Startup Kit - $79

When you join our team, your start up kit comes full of the tools and resources you need to hit the ground running. Your kit includes

1 – Gather & Glow T-shirt  | 1 – Gather & Glow Signature Facial Kit  |  1  – Gather & Glow Tote bag  |  1 –  Gather & Glow Intro 2 Glow Facial Kit  |  1 – Elements of Aliel Facial Kit  |  1- Full Size Product Of your Choice  |  Gather & Glow Success Guide  |  Professional Email Address  |  Personal Landing Page  |  1 yr of Mobile Payment Processing |  1 yr of Calendar Management

How To Get Started

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