What Is Gather & Glow

elements of aliel founder lakeisha entsuah

As a wife, mom of 3 and small business owner; I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself. Moreover, I know how therapeutic it can be to spend time with friends. 

Six years ago, when I started Elements of Aliel, I wanted it to be about more that beauty. I love to look good, but glowing skin wasn’t enough. Thats is why I have created Gather & Glow.

Gather & Glow is a way to encourage women to hit pause on their busy life and spend time refilling their cups. A way for us to be intentional about making time for those special moments with friends. Having glowing skin at the end of the night is a bonus. 

We are also focusing more on helping you maintain glow mentally and physically as well, because what good is beautiful skin if you’re unhappy or unhealthy? 

I hope that we are able to help you create more special moments with the people that mean the most to you, and help you feel good about yourself while you do it. 

The Podcast

Th Gather & Glow podcast, hosted by founder LaKeisha Entsuah, explores all of the ways we can build community and take better care of ourselves. We often think of self care as an isolated practice, but the truth is, having a community is just as important and individual habits. 

This podcast is designed to help foster that community and better habits. Each episode features a new guest who comes to share their knowledge and expertise in areas such as mental health, fitness, nutrition, hair care and more. 

Tune in to gain helpful tips on mastering your self care routine. 

Gather & Glow Parties

Our Gather & Glow Parties are a fun and easy way for you to bring you community together and pamper yourselves. We provide easy DIY kits that allow you to host the ultimate facial party without the stress. 

Each kit comes with absolutely everything you need to host a gathering, including a complete set of instructions. Your friends will thank you for providing such a relaxing experience and you will become known as the “Self Care Queen”!