Welcome To Gather & Glow

Founder, LaKeisha A. Entsuah

A Note From Our Founder

I created Gather & Glow to be an intersection of beauty and wellness. A place for women to come share, learn and be inspired to take better care of themselves. 


As a wife, mom of 3 and small business owner; I know how hard it can be to practice self care. I also understand the importance of having a community of like minded women to support and inspire you. 


My hope is that Gather & Glow will serve as that community for women around the globe. I want them to know that there is a place where they can focus on self , both inside and out; judgement free. 

The Podcast

Th Gather & Glow podcast, hosted by founder LaKeisha Entsuah, explores all of the ways we can build community and take better care of ourselves. We often think of self care as an isolated practice, but the truth is, having a community is just as important and individual habits. 

This podcast is designed to help foster that community and better habits. Each episode features a new guest who comes to share their knowledge and expertise in areas such as mental health, fitness, nutrition, hair care and more. 

Tune in to gain helpful tips on mastering your self care routine.