Love Puff


The easiest way to clean your skin.

The Love Puff removes dirt, oil and makeup with ease. No harsh scrubbing required, just add water! It’s a better cleaning option for your skin and for the planet.


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  • Description

    The Easiest Way To Wash Your Face

    The Love Puff effortlessly removes dirt, oil buildup and makeup from your face using only water. With a 100% microfiber cotton surface, the Love Puff gently exfoliates while it cleanses. It is designed to remove even the most stubborn makeup with ease. The tight knit fibers helps to attract dirt and oil particles which means there is not harsh rubbing or scrubbing required making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

    The Love Puff is also washable and reusable up to 200 times making it good for your skin and the planet.


    1. Makeup remover in place of disposable makeup wipes
    2. Travel cleanser in place of disposable cleansing wipes
    3. Exfoliant, in place of chemical exfoliants or scrubs.
    4. Mask remover, no need to ruin your favorite washcloth.
  • Additional information

    Weight 3 oz
    Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in


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