S2; E1: Starbucks Therapy

They say when friends get together anything is possible. Well in this episode, host LaKeisha Entsuah, gets together with friends Whitney Roberts and Imani Stewart-Jackson for a candid conversation about friendship.

In what is usually reserved for their hours long Starbucks meetups, the three friends open up about how love and life can impact forming and maintaining your tribe. If you listen closely, between the laughter you will hear stories of growth, development and a whole lot of honesty.

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About The Guests

Whitney Roberts is a writer, influencer and social media manager who as she puts it, “plays on the internet”. He joyful personality is felt in her work and by all who know her. You can keep up with Whitney by following her on Instagram @thereclaimed or on Facebook at Whitney Alese Writes

Imani Stewart-Jackson is a business strategist that helps faith based, female entrepreneurs hone their vision to grow profitable businesses. She is a no nonsense type of business women whose work ethic is second only to her fierce loyalty. You can keep up with Imani on Instagram @Imani_Inspires or on Facebook at Imani Inspires


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What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about friendship?

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