S2 E2: You Are What You Eat

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We’ve all heard the saying; “You are what you eat” but what does that really mean? While the saying is technically a figure of speech, there is some truth to it. You may not be what you eat, but the quality of your life is definitely affected by it.

On this episode of Gather & Glow, host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Brittny Howell about food as energy and how we as women can overcome our constant state of exhaustion by changing our eating habits. They also discuss why fad diets are not sustainable for the long term and what you should be doing instead.

Tune in to hear why this Duke, NYU and Georgetown trained surgeon traded in her scalpel to coach woman into healthier lives.

About The Guest

Dr. Brittny Williams Howell is a wife and a mom of three who lives in Ridgefield, CT. She is also a board-certified vascular surgeon and a coach who helps women transform their bodies and their world with lifestyle modifications.

She was an undergraduate at Duke University. She then attended NYU for medical school and remained there to train in general surgery. She completed her training in vascular surgery at Georgetown. By now, she’s taken care of and operated upon thousands of patients.

But her deeper purpose is supporting women on their journey to deep health. She doesn’t prescribe pills, quick fixes, or hacks. Instead, she connects, educates and guides her clients to a new understanding and appreciation of their bodies and how to care for them.

You can connect with Dr. Brittny via her website at www.doctorbrittny.com or Instagram @doctorbrittnymd

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