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360° Wellness with Chara Marie

To look at one’s wellness requires you to look at the whole person, mind, body and beauty. It’s not enough only think about what you eat or what workout you do; we must also consider how we talk to and treat ourselves. 

On this episode of Self Care Is… I chat with  Chara Marie a nutritionist and wellness coach who turned her frustration with endless diets into a thriving career helping women make positive lifestyle changes. 

Listen to the Episode Below

On This Episode You Will Hear

  • What led Chara to become a certified nutritionist. 
  • The 10 minute morning routine that helps keep her spirits high.
  • How positive self speak can change the way you eat
  • The importance of gratitude to your mental and physical health. 
  • Why your workout routine doesn’t have to be complicated to work. 

To Connect With Chara

To learn more about Chara’s work you can visit 

Or connect with her on social media

Instagram: @charamarie

YouTube: Chara Marie Fitness & Nutrition

Tell Us What You Think

This show is useless unless you are getting something out of it so we want to hear your feedback. Also if you have questions or want to hear an episode on a specific topic let us know.  We really are here for you. 

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