Self Care Is… Finding Your Own Balance

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Finding Your Own Balance with Tamika Evans

We all must come to a point in life where we realize that not everyone is going to understand the journey we’re on. Not only will they not understand, but you may even be judge for living in a less than “traditional” way.

Imagine knowing what you were called to do, but realizing that you’re calling doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a traditional wife and mother.

On this episode host LaKeisha Entsuah and guest Tamika Evans discuss learning to follow their own path even if that means bucking tradition. Listen as they explore how they both manage to maintain a sense of self as wives, mothers and entrepreneurs. 

Listen to the episode here

On this episode you will hear

  • How Tamika knew what she was called to do in life.
  • How our ideas of self care can evolve over time.
  • The importance of leaning on your village and why Tamika’s is one of the best there is.
  • How to learn to accept when your life doesn’t fit other people’s expectations. 

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