Self Care Is… Holding Space For Others

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Holding Space for others with Tara Pringle-Jefferson

One of the best ways that we can take care of ourselves is by maintaining our sense of community. However in this highly digital age, real life communities are sometimes hard to find. That’s why so many have turned to digital versions, but not all are created equally.

On this week’s episode, host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with Tara Pringle-Jefferson, writer, speaker and founder of the Self Care Suite, a digital wellness community for women. Tara has created a robust online community of engaged women, who love, support and encourage each other. 

Listen in as we talk about finding your tribe and how to take those online friendships offline. 

Listen to the interview below

on this episode you will hear

  • What Tara learned from motherhood.
  • How to create your tribe when you can’t find them.
  • How to take your online friendships, offline.
  • The not so surprising reason Tara has only recently taken a serious interest in skincare.

Connect with Tara

Discover the Self Care Suite Facebook Group at

Follow the journey on IG: @TheSelfCareSuite

Connect with Tara personally on IG: @WhereWomenBloom 


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