Self Care Is…Making Better Choices

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Making better choices with Sierra Brown

Life transitions are not always easy to handle. When combined with an unexpected illness, we can really be thrown for a loop.  That is exactly what happened to Sierra.

After suffering from a blood clot in her lung and facing the end of her collegiate basketball  career; Sierra found herself 50 pounds heavier and feeling like she was in someone else’s body. 

The recovery wasn’t easy and the weight loss took time but now she has committed her time to helping women create bodies that they love and that love them back. 

Listen to the episode below

In this episode you will hear

  • Why your relationship with food matters
  • How routines play an important part in maintaining your health. 
  • What it means to be confident in the choices you make. 
  • The difference between sprinting and jogging to your wellness goals. 

Here is how to connect with Sierra

You can learn more about Sierra and her wellness program by visiting her website at

You can also get some great advice by following her on Instagram @iammelaninwell

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