Self Care Is…Mind, Body & Beauty

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Self Care Is... Mind, Body & Beauty

In an industry hinged on the outward appearance, it can be hard to not see everything as a bit superficial. Even when that something is self care, it can feel like  spa days and manicures are the only option.  As much as we support pampering yourself, we are a beauty brand afterall, we also knew that the conversation about self care deserved more. 

In our first episode of Self Care Is.. I dive into a little bit of the Elements of Aliel history and why this company and this podcast are important to me. 

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode

Listen To the episode below

On this episode you will hear

  • Why I started Elements of Aliel back in 2013
  • Why Self Care Awareness month and PCOS Awareness month are so important to me. 
  • Why I decided to start podcasting.
  • What type of information you will hear from me and my guests. 
  • So much more…

Tell us what you think

This show is useless unless you are getting something out of it so we want to hear your feedback. Also if you have questions or want to hear an episode on a specific topic let us know.  We really are here for you. 

Keep the conversation going

Have a question, comment of insight to share? Use the hashtag #Selfcareis and share it with our community. 

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