Self Care Is… Staying True To Yourself

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Self Care Is.. Pinterest photo with Angela Baltimore

Staying True to Yourself with Angela Baltimore

As we go through life, we have a tendency to allow our roles or other people’s expectations to define us. We morph into who we think we should be, instead of staying true to who we have always been. 

On this episode of Self Care Is… host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with wife, mom and fashion blogger Angela Baltimore about being you, no matter what where you are in life. We also discuss how fashion can make us feel, staying on trend this fall and finding your personal style. 

Listen to the episode here

On This Episode You Will Hear

  • How Angela Defines “Mom Style”
  • Why being a minister’s wife shouldn’t force you to change your wardrobe.
  • How to set healthy boundaries for the sake of your own self care. 
  • Top fashion trends for this fall season

To COnnect With Angela

For Information on her styling services and to read her blog visit.

For Style Inspiration follow her on social media. 

Instagram: @AngelaBaltimore  

Facebook: @AngelaBaltimore

Let Us Know What You Think

This show is useless unless you are getting something out of it so we want to hear your feedback. Also if you have questions or want to hear an episode on a specific topic let us know.  We really are here for you. 

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