Self Care Is… Thriving Not Surviving

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Thriving Not Surviving

Imagine being in the best physical shape of your life and then suddenly collapsing after running a marathon. That’s exactly what happened to this week’s guest Alanna Gardner, MFT and now she has dedicated her life to helping people create healthier bodies and relationships.

Listen in as we talk recovering from a traumatic experience physically, mentally and emotionally. We also cover the mind body connection when it comes to health and disease. Plus, Alanna shares some great books for getting your whole self back on track.

Listen to the interview below

On this episode you will here

  • Where her passion for helping people heal from trauma began. 
  • The importance of the Mind, Body connection. 
  • Knowing how to recognize our own limits. 
  • How to share your experiences with therapy without telling your “business”

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