I often get asked about the inspiration for the products we create. Well today I wanted to share the story behind our best selling and most love product; the Glow Hydrating Essence. This story, while hilarious now, represents a common issue for people. 

Back in 2003 I noticed that my skin (and my body) were going through a lot of changes. Not the normal changes that happen when you’re 18 and in college. I was suddenly allergic to almost everything. I couldn’t even ride with the windows down without developing a rash on my face. My skin had always been sensitive, but this was a whole new level of reaction that I had  not experienced before. It had gotten so bad that I was using hydrocortisone as moisturizer and a preemptive strike against the inevitable rash. 

After visits to several doctors and dozens of tests it was determined that a change in environment was behind these newly developed allergies. According to the allergy specialist I was seeing, the “new air” in Maryland, where I was attending school, caused my body to overreact. If you’re currently giving the screen the side eye I understand. You’re having the same reaction I did in the doctor’s office. Of all the reasons they could have come up with , this was the conclusion of highly educated and well respected physicians. 

Fast forward 15 years to 2018 and again my  body was “overreacting. This time there was no “new air” to blame. Instead it was the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth (special shout out to the twins). At the time I was still using hydrocortisone but only as a base layer in my moisturizing routine thanks to some now retired products from our line. I was in desperate need of something that could soothe my skin while also keeping it healthy. 

After a lot of experimenting Glow was born. The formula is a bit on the complicated side (by our simplicity standards) but it all started with Aloe. We use Aloe Vera as a base because my grandmother said so. Not exactly, but her go to remedy for irritated skin was to slice open an aloe leaf. She was the queen of a home remedy, some a little more palatable than others but they always worked. What she knew and I now realize is that the answer to our ailments, inside and out, can be found in nature. The other four ingredients were chosen for their combination of nutrients and performance. They come together to provide that lit from within glow we are all after.

I’ve learned al lot about my body and my skin since 2003. I now understand that the original “overreaction” was also due to hormonal changes that weren’t discovered until 2012. I understand that what I put in or on my body can either help or hurt the situation and that is what drives the work that I do. Over the next several weeks we will walk through the creation of each of our products. For now though, if you are in need of something to help your skin find peace, then grab a bottle of the Glow Hydrating Essence