The Strong Black Woman

Each one of us is born with a set of expectations, placed on us by either the society in which we live or by the people that surround us. Some expectations are designed to help us, move us closer to being the best we could possibly be. Other expectations, whether intentional or not, can cause us great harm. As women we are often seen as strong, the ones who hold the family together. As black women we are expected to be strong and anything less is unacceptable. Unfortunately that expectation, to be the “strong black woman” has lead to depression, anxiety and in some cases suicide,because the reality is, no one can be strong all the time. 

On this episode of Gather & Glow The Podcast; host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. B Nilaja Green of Stand Point Counseling and Consulting in Atlanta, GA about the long term effects of being the “strong Black woman”. Dr. Green shares how the need to live up to the stereotype puts our mental, physical and emotional health at risk. Dr. Green also shares practical ways for us to manage the expectations of  others and of ourselves and resources for getting the help you need. 

As an added bonus, Dr. Green has put together a list of 15 Self Care Tips For The Strong Black Woman. Be sure to download your copy and share this episode with your friends. 

About The Guest

Dr. Brandeis “Nilaja” Green, PhD is a native of Brooklyn, NY. She has worked and been interested in the mental health and well being of individuals and communities of color for much of her adult life. After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University where she double majored in English and Psychology. 

She completed her doctoral training at Georgia State University where she earned a PhD in Clinical and Community Psychology with her graduate dissertation focused on the Strong Black Woman, depression, and suicide. She completed her psychology training at Yale University in New Haven, CT where she worked with individuals and communities in distress. 

She currently works full time and has a part time private practice specializing in treating trauma, depression and other psychological challenges for Black women, men and members of the LGBTQ community in Atlanta, GA. She has written several scholarly articles on trauma, black women, and psychological distress from a feminist perspective. 

You can find Dr. Green through her website 

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One thought on “The Strong Black Woman

  1. I really enjoyed episode 4 with your special guest Dr. Nilaja Green. I’m currently going through a lot as a “strong black woman”, and agree with so many points that was shared. I’m so thankful for having came across the gather and glow podcast. Keep up this good works! I’m going to make it a point to identify my favorite self care activity and do just that Dr. Green. It’s Sisters like yourselves that help make it possible for those in need find hope. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
    T. Jones

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